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Northshot is a community of photographers, videographers, designers, and content creators hailing from the Nordic countries, stretching from central Sweden to the northernmost reaches. If you're interested in joining our ranks, kindly utilize the contact form provided. Be sure to share your portfolio and outline your equipment inventory. Our aim is to encompass a wide array of talents while upholding rigorous standards. While there are currently no monetary benefits associated with list membership, potential job opportunities await.

Operating as a team of professional photographers, we present a broad spectrum of distinct artistic styles, resulting in an expansive range of photography genres. These include but are not limited to product photography, wedding documentation, and various forms of portraiture.
We are poised to assist both you and your company in achieving heightened visibility across social media platforms. Our services encompass an extensive array of offerings, ranging from comprehensive documentaries to succinct short films. This strategic approach ensures that your company garners a distinctive presence, allowing it to distinguish itself in the market.
Acknowledging the vital value of cultivating customer relationships, we share your perspective on the pivotal role your website plays as the primary point of contact for potential clients exploring your services on Google, and stand prepared to offer our professional support, whether through new website development or expert consultancy.


Totte's lens is a gateway to the world of emotions and stories, as he masterfully captures the essence of individuals and the beauty of everyday life. Specializing in portraits that resonate and lifestyle scenes that unfold like chapters, Totte's photography is a celebration of human connection and genuine moments. His creative flair extends beyond photography, seamlessly venturing into the realm of videography, where he weaves narratives that come alive on screen. Whether you're seeking soulful portraits or vibrant slices of life, Totte's portfolio is a testament to his dedication to visual storytelling.


Christof specializes in capturing the raw energy and dynamic essence of the racing world. Each shot is a symphony of adrenaline and artistry, freezing high-speed moments into timeless images. Whether it's the thunderous roar of engines on the track or the sleek lines of high-performance machines, Christof's lens reveals the true soul of motorsports.

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